Patricio Ortiz



My name is Patricio Ortiz, I am an industrial designer since 1993. Since then I worked as an independent consultant and as a teacher in universities in Argentina, México and in the U.S. Between 1997 – 1999 I was fortunate to be selected for a Masters program in Product Design at the University of Cincinnati as a Fulbright scholar.

I´ve always been curious about the grey areas between design, art and technology. I’m particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities of personal fabrication integrating analog / traditional and digital approaches.

I´m from Argentina, but since 2008 I´m working as a full time professor at the University of Monterrey, a diverse and international minded institution, and I´m happy to share this space with great people from México and from abroad.
For me, being part of Fab Academy is something I was longing for some time as a unique learning opportunity.