WEEK 8 - Computer-Controlled Machining

Assignments: Make Somtehing BIG!

Make something BIG!


For this week's assignment I decided to make something useful for the lab. A stool for the electronic/soldering station. As usual.. I used SketchUp to design it.

Once the design made, I carefully reorganized all the parts on the same plane, next to each other, in order to generate the DXF file that I would clean in Illustrator. I then used Cut3D to generate the toolpath from the vector file.

The cut was fine.. but the glue snapped on some parts while I was gently sanding the corners... which made me realise that using this type of wood is probably not the best option for furniture... mostly the broken leg that turned into a menacing spike waiting to stab someone.

Even though the stool is probably the most dangerous thing anyone could sit on, I decided to finish it anyway. I started two other cuts on the CNC, one for the leg, one for the base. With all the pieces machined, I then started to assemble everything. Most joints were way too tight, I had to remove up to 1/8 of an inche on some parts so that they could fit together.. I think I miscalculated the thickness of my material... nonetheless, my coffee table is now perfect!