WEEK 5 - 3D Scanning and Printing

Assignments: design and print a small part that can't be milled and scan something.


For this week's assignment, I decided to design a chain using SketchUp. Our labs 3D printer has been in and out of the lab for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to design something that could be printed easily and quickly. I used our lab's Ditto Pro 3D printer for the printing, It's basicly an Ultimaker wrapped in a new package, the controller board is the Arduino Mega with the ramps on top.

For the slicing, I went for Cura since it's simple and efficient, and offers the option to show the toolpath almost instantly. Since the infill is set to 45 degrees, I turned my piece 45 degrees for better bridging, making sure the first bridge layer was jumping from one side to the other. Everything seems allright so time to send the G-Code to the SD card.

For the 3D scanning part, I used the Kinect and Skanect. Skanect's scans quality is really poor.. but gives the idea. Since the kinect is using a grid of projected infrared dots to calculate the depth map, it's better to scan non reflective surfaces but what's cool about this is that is can scan even in pitch black environement!