Computer Aided-Design

model (draw, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project, and post it on your class page
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As a graphic designer I have used all file formats introduced in the 2D Design module but I learned really fascinating properties of png files such as they keep their resolution & they are optimal for milling machines since they can interpret the files with no error. I have used previously Blender but I had lots of refreshing to do since it is a complex program if you do not use it frequently. I also had to learn Rhino from scratch and it had a steep learning curve.

These are the sketches created in Photoshop & Illustrator to illustrate the final project. They were created along with my 7 yr old who truly enjoyed learning about Bezier parametric curves & how cars became from squared to round more aerodynamic shapes thanks to these wonderful new mathematical formulas that were so crucial to engineering of cars & other industrially designed shapes. The last image introduced him to raster images by adding the hands and the plant to the Vector file! These files can be downloaded here & the Raster files here.

Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Photoshop Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Shaded Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Illustrator Robtito Designed by Ian F. Jones Shaded

The last two files were created with 3d modeling software (Rhino) folding the model made out of cardboard and the 3D models (intended to be 3D printed) such as the shoes, joints, hands and neck! These files can be downloaded here. These 3D renderings are made with vray in Cinema 4d & can be downloaded the front, back & side.

laser cut 3d priting shoes