develop a plan for dissemination of your final project considering the guidelines found here.

Robtito is an Open Source Robot designed by a 7yr old and developed by his mother (during fab academy) with the aim to share digital fabrication's possibilities with other children & adults. It's conceived as a game to would guide a kid in the process to create his own personalized robot with ideally recycled materials while discovering & understanding the processes at a fab lab. It's basically a mini fab academy with the modules that are relevant to a 7yrs old child, the project can be scalable to cover other age ranges since the idea is that as much people can access the project & actually build a robot. Since the robot is all available on the Fab Academy website & it's own website the need for intellectual property or copyright ir not at the moment existent.

The project will be covered with a Fab Lab licence under the name Robtito. The income for this project will come from selling Robtito kits as well as the workshops to create Robtito at the Fab Lab.

La Fabrica La Fabrica

My grandfather's old candy / textile factory will be the playground where we are opening a space for kids exploration & discovery in the form of a rapid prototyping workshop space. The idea is to seek the collaboration of Chris Rogers, David Cuartielles, Jordi Albo & Marina Bers to be able to create a space for kids to learn at an early age about engineering, programming, robotics & digital fabrication in the frame of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths). It was first conceived as the STEAM Foundation but through Fab Academy it has grown to be a physical space to be able to research along side the experts: children & researchers / practitioners in the field ways in which we can incorporate rapid prototyping into the school curriculum so kids can have fun learning classroom subjects through project base learning.

La Fabrica La Fabrica

Robtito is part of a bigger project to open a Fab Lab for children where they can come experiment with Digital Fabrication tools & processes. Kids will be guided by mentors. Within a very safe environment & machines with high safety standards such as: Roland SRM-20, safe laser cutter, vinyl cutter & electronics production.

The motivations for this project are to create a space where kids can learn while playing through project based learning, it is therefore a social project with the need for a basic infrastructure such as a workshop area to produce the robot and a team of researchers & practitioners that can research & evaluate the impact in their learning engagement.

Kickstarter will be a natural progression for Robtito to be able to build a community or supporters & scale the project from a prototype to a program. Involving all the Fab Labs that have children programs.

Lifecycle: Kickstarter, Fab Lab network children workshops but the most important dissemination of the project will happen in the neighbourhood were la fabrica is located with the local kids that come to the Fab Lab.