Electronics Production

make the FabISP in-circuit programmer (David, Andy, Valentin)
hello.ISP.44.cad board components traces interior
hello.ISP.44.res.cad board traces interior
inventory microcontroller crystal USB connector ribbon connector Zener diode jumper
USB power
make clean
make hex
(sudo) make fuse (check programmer in Makefile, may need to repeat)
(sudo) make program
desolder SJ1 and SJ2
make IDC ISP cable, connecting header pin 1 to pin 1, check wires
check out the assignment at academy.cba.mit.edu

For this module I made FabISP Valentin board model. Sending the .png board cutout & ISP to the milling machine was a straight forward process. Learning the settings and the process to get the milling head on & off was really smooth.

It's super helpful to be able to look at the placement of the components on the board in a photograph as well as the diagram provided by the fabacademy documentation as well as other students. I had done lots of jewelry but electronics soldering & placing the components happen to be a lot harder than silversmithing.

With Ferdi we checked the soldering of the components and check the connections to make sure that the components were functioning properly with the circuits. To be able to insert the USB on the computer we broke off the side part & added a piece of cardboard to be able to make it fit more snug in the USB space.

Apparently the board was giving a green light! Then we ran with Santi Fuentemilla through the drill: make clean, make hex, make fuses & at the moment that we tried to program the board gave an error.

It turned out that there was a bubble that was going over the circuits. Once the solder was taken away from overlapping the circuit it actually worked.