How to Make Almost Anything

The Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT’s rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything. The Fab Academy began as an outreach project from the CBA, and has since spread to Fab Labs around the world. The program provides advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through an unique, hands-on curriculum and access to technological tools and resources.

FabAcademy Schedule

  • principles and practices, project management (Jan 28)
  • computer-aided design (Feb 4)
  • computer-controlled cutting (Feb 11)
  • electronics production (Feb 18)
  • 3D scanning and printing (Feb 25)
  • electronics design (Mar 4)
  • embedded programming (Mar 11)
  • computer-controlled machining (Mar 17)
  • molding and casting (Mar 25)
  • break (Apr 1)
  • input devices (Apr 8)
  • output devices (Apr 15)
  • composites (Apr 22)
  • networking and communications (Apr 29)
  • mechanical design, machine design (May 6)
  • interface and application programming (May 13)
  • applications and implications (May 20)
  • invention, intellectual property, and income (May 27)
  • project development (Jun 3)
  • project presentation (Jun 10)

Global lectures happen on Wednesdays at 9:00 on the US East Coast (ranging from 6:00 on the West Coast to 23:00 in Japan). Global lab sections will be held on Fridays, and regional reviews on Tuesday.