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Here you can find more resources about working with HTML+CSS.

Video Lecture

An improvised and incomplete introduction to HTML+CSS was recorded during Fab Academy 2015 at Opendot+Wemake in Milan. Watch it in full resolution.


An open source HTML5+CSS3 editor with Live Preview (in Chrome) is Brackets.


The starting point for reference, tutorials and interactive tests regarding HTML+CSS+Javascript is


Since in 2015 it is easier to develop a website from a framework rather than from scratch, learning from my own Fab Academy in 2012 I created an MIT-licensed template based on Bootstrap but with more technical things already set up for a typical Fab Academy website.


It is not meant for being used as it is, but for being modified into a personal website and for taking inspiration from its solutions for other templates. I did not touch the style from Bootstrap for this reason, I only tried to solve some typical Fab Academy issues. So, please note that this doesn't save you from:

You can download it here:

Just note that for "safety" settings some Javascript parts don't work locally (on your computer) on Chrome, but work perfectly once online and on your computer with Firefox.