18.project development

My processes

please read from bottom.

making cover

I challenged to use hinge for the first time.I designed by Illustrator,and cut the plywoods.


And I made frames using 3Dprinter.

3d printing frame

making board & software

debug & sloved No.5

I mistook the value of the capacitor which I attached to the crystal for "pF" and "uF"! When I cut the line between capacitor and crystal, it did work!!!!!!! Cutters always help me.

mistook myboard worked
probrem No.5:error on programing to my board

The board was completed, but an error went out of arduinoIDE and was not able to write a bootlooder.

probrem & solved No.4:haven't enough space on pitch in Atmega328

I could't find Atmega328's footprint in fab-EAGLE-library, so I downloaded these on EAGLE web page. Unfortunately, footprints were less than 0.4mm on the library. Then,I adjusted it directly in photoshop and cut.

adjusted png data
process 5:designing my borad

Because the test of Atmega was finished, I finally entered the circuitry. The button wasn't wired this time, but I added interface on board to put a button easily in the future.

designing circuit
process 4:breadborad testing

Because a test of the software was completed, I had started testing on a breadboard for making circuit. This process was necessary becouse it was first time the true meaning when I designed circuit from begin. Wiring it after to see data sheets, and burnd a bootloader, it did work with arduinoIDE.

bread board testing
solved No.2:

ArduinoUNO(ATmega328) can buffer only 64bytes on serial when I checked speck in web. Then I changed the cord to do so, but it didn't work well at first. After I add 2sec-delay in it for to empty buffer,then print was succeeded.

bigBMP printing
process 3:SD card testing

Next I tried saving data to an SD card and extract the data. Text had been saved , but binary couldn't be save, then , I decided to send data from processing directly.

problem No.2:image didn't print all

But an image doesn't seem to be output till the last.

bmp test fail
solved No.1:

I surveyed many information of web and found only one article that went well when sending it in binary format. I modify a processing cord that was on web, then sending it to serial,it succeeded.

problem No.1:BMP wasn't printed.

I read the cord of the library and confirmed that it can print BMP by serial communication. But, I have failed even if I tried in various ways.

process 2:arudiono testing

Next, I started testing using Arduino(UNO) and thermal printer, and tried printing BMP. The BMPdata(hex file) which included Ardino firm was printed correctly.

arduino test printing
process1:making JPEG converter in processing.

At first I began to make bmp converter in processing. I edited the samples on the web and was able to make it well.

jpeg convert trial