16.mechanical design, machine design

We made a pen plotter.


we started test with gestalt nodes. yumi made FTDI-borad, and we tested test following the turtrial.

Motor stopped when I used, but after deleted [test.vmp] from folder, it worked.

Making Stage

making data

In japan, we do not use 'inch' generally, only uses 'mm' . so, I redesigned borad for 4mm tickness.

grasshopper make data


To cut big parts with one piece,I cut it in a laser cutter of Makerspace.The value is as follows.

machine:UNIVERSAL ILS9.75
cut>power:100% speed:60%
fold>power:100% speed:45%



I assembled it according to a tutorial. Aactually, the board which I bought was 5mm, I adjusted it a little.


Because cardboard was soft, we putted washer.



We gave some tests to make software. We gave numerical value and confirmed that a X and Y became like this.

drawrect xy

I made a program that plotter follow and works when mouse was dragged. This was my first Python, and I like it!


Pen support part

yumi made it.