15.applications and implications

what will it do?

This camera take a photo when the switch is pressed, and print the photo from its thermalprinter. I want to make it so that it is usable in parties or events.


who's done what beforehand?

There are some projects. printsnap/ Electronic Instant Camera/ 8-Bit Instant Camera

In some projects, image was converted into an ASCII art. ascii art camera/

I want to add a letter or a figure to image in the future.

what parts and systems will be made?

My plan as follow,


what materials and components will be required?

Exterior:Plywood or cardbord:¥500, and felt:¥100.

componets:ATmega328p:$2,jpeg camera module:$40,thermal printer:$50,SD Card:$15

where will they come from?

I'll get wood and fabric at DIY stores.I'll use some electronic parts in the lab, which is required to buy wanting parts on the web.

what processes will be used?

Computer-Aided Design ,Computer-Controlled Machining,Input & Output Devices and Electronics Design and Production.

what tasks need to be completed?

-The most difficult task for me is JPEG decording. The thermalprinter can print only BMP format.

-It needs to program interface between each module, and data conversion . I have never used all of modules.

-It is necessary to change a plan if I couldn't understand image transformation algorithm. (then I'll make digital lottery...)

what questions need to be answered?

-Which AVR should I use ?

-Which is better, use computer for image processing or make stand-alone gadget ?

what is the schedule?

5/16-22 Studying,ArduinoTest and determining specifications

5/23-29 Design borad,box and make 1st prottype

5/30-5 brashup

how will it be evaluated?

Ask my friends their thoughts.It might attend MakerFaire.