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Principles and Practices, Project Management
Computer-aided design
Computer-controlled cutting
Electronics production
3D scanning and printing

Electronics design
Computer-controlled machining
Embedded programming
Molding and casting
Input devices
Interface and application programming
Mechanical-machine design
Output devices
Networking and communications
Applications and implications
Invention, intellectual property, and income
Project development
Final project presentation

Hello! I'm Lindiwe (a.k.a Lindi) Mophuti from South Africa. My first experience with the FabLab concept was in 2006, when the very first FabLab was commissioned by MIT and the Science and Technology Ministry in South Africa, Pretoria. I currently coordinate seven fixed FabLabs and a single mobile FabLab in South Africa and was involved in their setup. In 2013 I completed my MSc in Technology and Innovation Management - a study that evaluated the impacts/ effects of South African FabLabs as both the educational and innovation tools.
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I have an interest in youth development and empowerment, particularly those from previously disadvantaged communities. Upon completion of this program, I intend applying the acquired skills in the establishment and the operations of Centres for Community Production in South Africa.