Fab Academy 2014 : Mechanical & Machine Design

This week’s assignment is: do the mechanical design for your final project and make the passive parts and operate it manually (for the machine design).
In this case this assignments has Two diferents Steps:

  • Step one : Mechanical Design
  • Step Two : Machine design

Step 1 : Mechanical Design

In this part of the assignment, I explain how con I design the Wind Hub with Inventor.

Wind hub.... is the most complicate part of my wind tunnel... But, You can say : why is it so complicate ????
It's complicate because its shape allows air to exit parallel to the test area.
The shape is represented by a mathematical diferencial equation of 5th grade:

After resolution of the equation I put them in Excel to calculate all the point that I need to obtain the shape.

Now I need to copy the Excel result in Autocad to design the exact form. For that I create a new Column to put my result. You copy this column with the result.

And Open Autocad, select Polyline, put the first point and paste the select excel column.

When you take this form, you export them, in DXG format, to use in inventor to design the 3D form.

Here you mount the shape ...

Step Two : Machine design

first parts were sliced ​​with Shopbot

all material and tools has to be used to mount the machine is prepared

begins by mounting the external structure

rubber hammer was used to make the different pieces fit well

for the platform to slide well on the stainless rails. gets a bronze horns

platform slides into the rails and mounted the stepper motor

screws are tightened with an allen wrench

That's all .... thanks ... interesting