Fab Academy 2014 : Interface and application programing

This week’s assignment is write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device.
To make this assigment, I decide to use Labview to program the interface with an Arduino.
Why can I use labview and not python ?. I use python in the assigment of input to display my data of speed and light ... so I decided to change and see how can I use Labview for my application.

For that, I divise the assigment in two parts:
  • Part 1 - Arduino program
  • Part 2 - Laview program

Part 1 - Arduino program

The Arduino program was very simple, it only has to read the analog inputs (A0) where the anemometer is connected and send via RS232 to the computer that receives.

Part 2 - Laview program

Works whith Labview was very simple, it use Grafical program to make all interface and program.

to test the Labview program, I conect to my computer an Arduino with the first program with my anenometer and film them.

click here to video

That's all .... Thanks