Fab Academy 2014 : Electronics Design

This week’s assignment was redraw the echo hello-world board, add a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor)and make it.
The first thing to do is have the data from the microcontroller Tiny44 to know how it works. After it makes the scheme with Eagle, or other program (Protel, Orcad ...). The interesting thing about using Eagle is all manufacturers of electronic components have a library (schema and footprint) of its components that facilitating our work. In the case of this design, I download the library of Fablab component. .

First, open eagle an create a proyect,and in this proyect, create a schematic. Add component.

After you put all the compponent, you conect them with WIRE selecion and create your schematic.

All of the component use in this design are have 2 parts, the part for the scheme and the footprint (package).
When you finish the schematic you pass to board mode.

and you obtain ....

Now, you can move the position your component to optimize the routing.

After that you are 2 opcion. The first are used the autorouting mode and you obtain

The second correspond in routing manualy the board and I obtain that.

When you finish, it's recomend to export the lisgt of component. In the list appear parts, value, and package of all the components.

When you finish this routing you import this route to a png archive for use in the modela milling with the command :"export image pcb.png monochrome 600"

After that, the next step was cutting the pcb to obtain the form. For this I use the Roland to with this archive. .

After cutting, the next step was welding component in the board.

That's all ....