Fab Academy 2014 : Final Project Proposal / Project Management
"Wind Tunnel"

The idea of designing and manufacturing a wind tunnel comes from the need I have seen in universities and technological institutes to verify designs of student projects in the case of a plane or a wind generator.

The project consists of 2 major parts:
    Mechanical part
Here is the first sketch of the tunnel.

The approximate dimensions are 60cm x 60cm x 200cm (2ft x 2ft x 6.5f)
    The first part is done by concentrating the wind engine propellers. At the end of this part a device that sends smoke to the next part will be put.
    The second part puts the object to be analyzed. This part will be made of acrylic to take photos or film.
    The third part is to evacuate air.

    Electronical part
    In the first part, The air velocity will be controlled by arduino.
    In the second part several sensors will be installed in the tunnel to measure the wind speed and the force applied to the object.
    All data collected by the sensors will be sent to a computer for analysis.
Project Management