Week 1 Project Proposal

by Moritz Begle

Posted on February 03, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Motorised Camera/3D Laser-Scanner Dolly

First class - After the basic introduction.(Def. Fabl Labs, Digital Fabrictaion) we were asked to present an idea for our final project. Abstract: Camera Dolly`s are all very expensive so far. The aim of my proposal is to create a motorised dolly where you can mount a camera or a laserscanner on it. The idea behind this is to create an automated camera dolly/3d scanning system that is easy to create, use, opensource and affordable at the same time.


- The Arduino powered system will be controlled wirelessly with an mobile app.

- move in x/y axis and camera rotation on two axis

- Be able to move with/without a rail

- 3D printed parts (trolly)

- Adaptable for diffrent Cameras & 3D laser scanner


- Kickstarter: adaptable

- Kickstarter: motorised camera dolly slider

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