Aitor Aloa @ Fab Academy 2014

hi fabbers! I am young multi-disciplinary designer from Bilbao (Basque Country) with knowledge and experience in different disciplines such as industrial, multimedia, audiovisual or lighting design. I have always been interested in design, art and technology. Currently I am fascinated with the open source hardware and maker movements, which I support with initiatives or projects like Tutomics, Bhoreal and Photoduino. Now also with Smart Citizen.
principles and practices; project management; computer-aided design; computer-controlled cutting; electronics production; 3D scanning and printing; electronics design; computer-controlled machining; embedded programming; molding and casting; input devices; composites; interface and application programming; mechanical design; machine design; output devices; networking and communications; applications and implications; invention, intellectual property, and income; project development; final project.
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