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My name is Jameel Ahmed Agil from Nairobi, Kenya - a beautiful country in the east of Africa. I am enrolled as a student in FABACADEMY 2014. I am a FIELD service engineer for an international Biomedical company for eight years now. This job involves lots of travel, hence lots to see and learn. Since it involves travelling to both urban and rural areas in our region, it is a challenge to get a working internet connection. This handicap ofcourse has to be supplemented inorder not to lag behind class.

About this site

This site has been created with the intent of capturing my experiences/progress as a Fab Academy student. Each week we attend a class via video conferencing where a topic is discussed and assignments related to that topic assigned.To assist in these tasks, I have a mentor named Natalie Haddad who will be guiding me in navigating this new, but adventure filled `waters'.

Final project proposal

The idea is to make an automated Yoghurt maker. It consits of two pots- one fitting into the other. The inner pot contains a lid with a plastic motor driven stirrer for bacteria recovery. The space in between the two pots is filled with water ( forming a water jacket ) whose temperature is monitored by a temperature sensor and is fixed at 35 Degrees Centigrade. The temperature reading is sent to a controller which references it to the pre set value ( of 35 degrees). If there is a temperature difference, the controller varies the heating plate power accordingly using pulse width modulation - via a driving circuit of course - until 35 degrees is maintained.

The microcontroller also has a timer which notifies you when the yoghurt is ready. The stirrer will be of plastic or metal so that it can be sterilized.

project sketch

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