7. Molding and Casting


I decided to make the Super Mario object for molding.
That's why I'd like to convert from 2d character to 3d object in the real world.

- Modeling -

I designed a model using Rhinoceros.
As I was going to use 1/8 inch mill, I needed to leave a spaces wider than 3mm between corner to object.

- Milling -

Then I milled a modeling wax using the Shopbot.

I adjusted some value for milling.

I almost completed to make.
But I made a mistake that I had two holes for inserting plastic.
And I also missed size of connecting holes. It was a little big compering connecting parts.

- Filling silicon to a modeling wax -

I used Oomoo for filling.

I had to wait 4 hours until making.
Therefore I used oven 150F.

So I could completed quickly.


I used "Smooth-Cast 325".

When I casted, I'd like to fix the material.
So I made a cover which protect silicon using "MDF" and tape.
As I had a mistake that I made two holes, I had to fill a hole.
In order to filled, I used a chip of silicon lubber.

This picture is "Smooth-Cast 325".
This material use to combine two liquid.
After combined, It is very hot until it will be stable.
You should be careful for using this material.

I could finished to make.

Super Mario came my home.