Electronic Design

Assignment : Redraw the Echo-Hello-World Board

I don't understand about electricity very well.
So I studied and filled out some words about electricity.
Then I made some circuit using a breadboard for understanding electric behavior.

I made circuit using a breadboard.

At the beginning I connected a LED and power supply directly, therefore broke some LED.
I learned that I need to put some resistor between LED and the Power Supply.

Then I made a circuit which had cds sensor.

This circuit become luminous when get dark around the sensor. From this thing, I understood resistor's behavior.

I also made this circuit which is named multivibrator.

As I made this circuit, I understood capacitor and transistor's behavior.

Design circuit using EAGLE

After I understood electric behavior, I studied how to draw circuit using EAGLE.

-What I study-
When I use LED, I have to connect resistor.
And I can adjust brightness of LED change resistor.

Export png file and edit

I redrew png file using GIMP. I filled picture, then made the outer frame.


I was sending png data from computer to Modela using the Fab Module.


I've finished to solder my circuit board.

Put the glue using the Gluegun.

Because Header pin is unstable.

Check a LED

At the beginning when I checked a LED, LED was not working.
Because LED was broken.
So I changed LED, LED worked.