4. Electronics Production

Assignment : Make a FabISP

What is FabISP

FabISP is a kind of In-System Programming.
ISP(In-System Programming) can write some codes to a micro-controller.
If you use ISP, you can change some codes to a Micro-controller,PLD,something like that after some products were completed.

Work flow making FabISP

1. Engrave a copper sheet

1-1 Send Data to a modela

Download a file "hello.ISP.44.cad" from the class page.
Run "fabmodule", and open above file.
Select file from ".cad" to "rml".
Change the resolution from "20" to "50"
Uncomment a code "trace and interior" and comment out other codes in this file.
Change defaults "1/64".
Select 4 Layers.
Select 2dz "-0.1".
Select "(xmin, ymin) = (0, 50)".

1-2 Manipulate a modela to cut traces and interior.

Set mill "1/64 square"
Push "view button".
(PC)Push button "move".
Adjust higher of mill.
(PC)Push button "make rml" and "Send it".

1-3 Manipulate a modela to cut interior

(PC)Change mill "1/32"
(PC)Uncomment a code "interior", and comment out others.
(PC)set bottom-height "-1.7"
Change mill "1/32 square"
(PC)Push button "make rml" and "send it".

* error

// *If I get error. //
// Open "Terminal", and command "kill -9 (number)". //

2. Soldering


Solder some parts to the copper board.

// I missed to solder some parts to different spot. //
// When I missed, I peeled some parts off, and solder it again. //
// So my board was gotten dirty. //
// But my board worked. //

3. Programming


Install and execute "Cross Pack".
Open Terminal.
Write "make clean".
Write "make hex".
Write "make fuse".
Write "make program".

4. Finish!

I have completed.

Solder to remove "SJ1 and SJ2".