2. Computer Aided Design

Final Project Model


I'm going to make 5 Lighting and 1 Controller.
Lighting image is below picture.
This model is made by Rhino for mac.

Room Image

This is a my room.
And I will control some Lighting in my room.
This image is made by the Sketch up.

Lighting Simulator

This is a simulation which how does this product control Lightings
This simulation is made by xcode.

Install Fab module

I tried to install the Fab module at Mac OSX10.8.2.
But this application didn't work.

  1. I installed Homebrew, and command "brew install boost cmake libjpg" at Terminal.
  2. I installed wxpython at here "http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxpython/?source=dlp".
  3. I installed Fab module at here "http://kokompe.cba.mit.edu/downloads.html"
  4. I unziped it, opened Terminal, commanded "make fab".
  5. I made the file"bash_profile, .bashrc" at home directory.
  6. I was writting the code"export PATH=Users/myname/Downloads/fab_src/bin:$PATH" at file".bashrc".
  7. But I couldn't move to command "fab" at "~" in Terminal.

  8. I fixed line 5 about .bashrc "test -r /sw/bin/init.sh && ./sw/bin/init.shexport" "PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}"
    .bash_profile "source .bashrc"
  9. Then I restarted the Terminal, I was be able to work this application.