16.Applications and implications

plan and document a final project that integrates the range of units covered:

what will it do?

It is a Lighting control system using wireless network.
This system can control the hue and the brightness of all lighting in the room, using one controller.

who's done what beforehand?

This youtube video show the RGB LED Controller.
I'm going to make dial type controller.

In the wireless system, I'm going to refer to this page making wireless system.


what materials and components will be required?


where will they come from?

Almost all the needed parts are available in the inventory with the exception of the case of the Light.

how much will it cost?

few dollars.

what parts and systems will be made?

Lampshade,Controller(case and PCB),wireless chip(PCB and the antenna).

what processes will be used?

For making box of the controller, I will cut some woods or acrylic using the Laser cutter.
For making some PCBs, I'm going to design for the Eagle and cutting a copper using the Modela.
For making a lamp shade, I'm going to cut a polypropylene sheet using the Laser cutter.
I will also make a lamp body using the Shopbot.
For making a antenna, I have to think how to make it.

what tasks need to be completed?

Make frame of the Light and controller
Make circuit board
Learn serial communication
Learn how to make a PCB antenna.
Learn programming of AVR

what questions need to be answered?

How do I program the AVR?
How do I connect the controller and the Light?
How do I make a antenna ?
How do I adjust hue and brightness?
How do I supply electricity to the controller and the lamp?

what is the schedule?

5/15 ~ 21 Make the PCB and the Wireless system.
5/22 ~ 29 Make Lamp shade and combined all parts.

how will it be evaluated?

Lamp shade and controller design and the wireless system can work precisely.

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