15.Mechanical Design, Machine Design

What we make

Machine design by team

We decided to make a plotter.
And I took charge of making PCB of main system and the servo motor driver.

This is PCB of main bus system.

This is PCB of servo motor driver.

Then I milled PCBs using the small milling machine.

After class, I left the country which attend the Fab Academy.
And I wasn't able to join our team until completed of this assignment.
So I also made another mechanical design by myself.

Machine design by myself.

I made a small of sand beast designed by Theo Jansen.
At the beginning I designed the beast using the Rhinoceros and the Illustrator.

I tested to design one of the leg of this machine.

And cutting one of the leg of beast using 3mm MDF by Laser cutter.
I checked how does the leg move.
I couldn't find a shaft connecting part of legs.
So I melted ABS using soldering iron and connected for all parts.

After testing I designed all parts of this using the Rhinoceros.

After that I converted to the Illustrator file.

Then I cut using the Laser Cutter.
Using material is a 3mm Acrylic.

I assembled it.

I was able to make a sand beast.

And the beast could move.