14.Networking and Communications

Hello Bus

This week assignment, I made "Hello Bus".

At the beginning, I milled circuit board and soldered it.

Failure 1 ---All boards was blinking exactly the same timing---

After soldering, I tried to run using Neil's code.
But This board doesn't work correctly.
That's why I programmed same code to three boards.
So when I pushed '3' key for keyboard, all of board's LED was blinking.
Because I wrote a code to the micro controller something like that.

Failed movie

Failure 2 ---Character corruption---

I fixed codes of three C files.
So LED blinking became correctly.
But when I send message to micro computers, I received it that is character corruption.

I asked Bas who is our mentor, he said I should think timing sent bits.
And I fixed "bit delay time" from "100" to "104" something like that.

I could receive correct data from the micro computers.


I changed messages of this C-code program.
And I could send and receive data.