Assignment : design and make a 3D mold, and produce a fiber composite part in it


When I was net surfing thinking what I make, I found a interesting Instructables page.
As I saw this, I wanted to make my skate board using composite technique.


For making a skate board, I have to make mold for pressing veneers.
So I designed skate board and mold using the Rhinoceros.

I decided to use 9mm MDF for making mold, because I had surplus this MDF when we used "make something big assignment".
When I used to joint common, I need to use a lot of MDF.
So I made waffle structure like this.

Make a mold

At the beginning I tried to joint two materials.
As I adjust the clacks "9.1mm", I succeeded to joint.
Material thickness was 9mm.

After I did test, I made mold.

I almost succeeded to cut, But I had a little mistake.
I didn't have offset, So when I cut material, a wood between two mold was broken.
I had to draw making space between two objects, and needed to make offset.

Make a source of skateboard

When I read a document which how to make a skate board, It's good to pile up 1/16inch(1.5mm) maple veneer.
For using this, I went to buy, but It was very expensive.
And then I found 2.6mm plywood at our lab.
So I decided to use this to pile up 3 sheets.
I didn't know what kind of wood this is, but It's plastically.
And I'd like to make (25.5mm by 81.5mm) skate board.
So I cut this material using a saw.

When I was thinking what fabric should I use to combine, Alex who is our guru recommended using jeans.
This fabric is very strong. and my wife had unnecessary jeans.
I decided to combine jeans and plywood. Then I cut jeans relevant size.

For combined two materials, I used epoxy named "MT-13".

This photo is a time when I was glueing.

Make skate board

After glueing all materials, I put it on the mold, and piled up.
Then I fixed using vice.
This glue need to cure for 16 hours.
So I had to wait till tomorrow.

The skate board was cured.

After cured, I cut skate board like this.

I failed a little, so the board has a clack. So I'm going to press one more time.

This part is good to cure.

I finished to make my skate board.