1. Final Project Plan

Name : iLed

Something I want to make :

I'd like to make Lighting system which be controlled wireless system
This system can control lighting hue and brightness.

Why I want to make :

There are a lot of lightings in my room.
And Their lightings have own switch each of them.
So, I have to turn on all of lightings, walk around my room
when I came home.
And when I go out, I have to turn off all lightings.

I want to change to turn on lightings easily.
And I want to change color and brightness of lightings
to fit mood and object.

My Room

1-1. General Model


I make three lightings which include three LED "Blue, Green, Red"
each of them.
Those lightings have a receiver for receiving an order from controller.
And I make controller to control those lightings in wireless.

General Model

1-2. How to Control


I control lightings using fader, dial switch and button.
A fader controls brightness of lighting.
A dial switch controls all lightings hue.
One of the button switch control on and off.
If I push another switch, all lightings will be blinking some kind of color.

Controller Design

1-3. What Lighting I want to use


I'm going to make some wrapper
to wrap lightings using values type of cutter.

I don't decide to make lighting form.
I think I use different material each of lightings.

Lighting Design

2.Log "Mercurial"

hg init : To create .hg folder

hg clone : Clone the folder from server.
hg pull : First, Check update for other people.
hg add : Some file add.
hg merge : Combined some changing file
hg update : Update Update merge file
hg commit : Some file exchange.
hg push : Push my file to server.

How to clone

To type 'hg clone -v -e "ssh -p 22 -i ~/.ssh/academy-amsterdam"'

How to change file

hg pull
hg commit
hg push

Macrurial and Terminal Tips

In the Terminal, Tab key is to continue next related word. In the Terminal, Down key is to represent related word.
hg -h //Marcurialのヘルプを呼び出す


I get a error which is "nousername"
[ui] username = Mio Kato


Download key file(academy-amsterdam) from mail which made Fabacademy //keyファイルをダウンロード
cd ~
sudo mkdir ~/.ssh/keys //keyフォルダを作成
cd ~/Desktop
sudo mv academy-amsterdam ~/.ssh/keys //keyファイルを移動
sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/keys/academy-amsterdam //???
hg clone -e "ssh -p 22 -i ~/.ssh/keys/academy-amsterdam" ssh://hg@ academy.2013 //サーバーからcloneする。
Enter YES
nano .hg/hgrc //ナノエディターでファイルにデータを加える
mv ~/.ssh/academy.2013 ~/academy.2013 //academy.2013データを間違えてkeys/fabacademy-amsterdamに置いたので、ホームディレクトリに移動させる。
cd ~/academy.2013 //移動
hg pull // データを引っ張る
hg add // 自分が作成したhtmlなどのデータを放り込む
hg status // 正常にデータを放り込めたかステータスを確認する。
hg commit -m "add my homepage" // -m"DESCRIPTION"で変更内容を書く事を忘れずに
hg push
abort: push creates new remote head 96f7f929cd6c!
(you should pull and merge or use push -f to force) // エラー発生
hg merge // 他のユーザーがデータを変更していたため、mergeする必要があった
hg update // mergeしたら、updateを忘れずに
hg commit -m "add my homepage" // mergeしたので、再度commitする
hg push // データをpushしてデータの送付完了