Drawbot: Machine / Mechanical Design 2013

1st Prototype in Action



BOM: 1st Prototype




Motor Shield

fabbed motor shield

  • Arduino Uno or Duemilanove
Drawbot Software / Firmware / Wiring

printed parts

First Prototype Assembly (as a class)

Overview / Options

Makelangelo 2

We based our drawbot off of the Makelangelo 2. It has a BOM, assembly instructions and software. It is also in active development.

Arduino / Barduino
We can drive this with an prefabricated Arduino or we can make our own, I think we may need one that runs at 16mhz, let's use the Barduino design.
Motor Shield
The Makelangelo 2 also uses the Adafruit motor shield, which provides the eagle files so we can fab our own. We will make 2 versions, one with the fabricated PCB from Adafruit, one with a fabbed board.
Gondola / Pen Holder

Drawbot Resources / Background

Anna's Collection of Drawbot Parts
Drawbot alternate gondolas and parts (Gathered from Thingiverse)
MakerBlocks Drawbot Resources
Lots of drawbot research here

Division of Labor

Gondola / Pen Holder
  1. 3D printed version - Sahil & Anna (complete)
  2. prototype our own - Dana (in progress)
  1. have one - Uno (fallback / testing)
  2. Build our own - Lorenzo (almost complete, need diodes)
Motor Shield
  1. Assemble kit - Diane (complete)
  2. Make our own - Matt (complete)
Other Printed Pieces
  1. 2 - bobbins: Kate (complete)
  2. motor mounts (laser cut): Kaimen (complete)
  3. other pieces (motor mount, pen holder) - TBD, not really needed. (complete)