Matt Young

Units & Projects
  1. Final Project Proposal
  2. Project Management
  3. Computer-Aided Design
  4. Computer-Controlled Cutting
  5. Electronics Production
  6. Computer-Controlled Machining
  7. Electronics Design
  8. Molding, Casting, and Composites
  9. Embedded Programming
  10. 3D Scanning and Printing
  11. Input Devices
  12. Interface and Application Programming
  13. Output Devices
  14. Mechanical Design
  15. Networking and Communications
  16. Machine Design
  17. Applications and Implications
  18. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Business Models
  19. Project Development
  20. Final Project Presentations
 The Purpose:
I am a science and engineering teacher at Mahtomedi High School in the town of Mahtomedi, which is a suburb of St. Paul, MN.  I have been teaching for over 10 years and still find a great deal of fulfillment in what I do each day.

In the fall of 2011 Mahtomedi High School opened its Fab Lab, the first such lab at a public high school in the United States.  As a school that puts a great deal of emphasis on engineering we have created several opportunities for students to be exposed to engineering concepts, which includes the Fab Lab.  In its first year approximately 150 students will have participated in our first Fab Lab course, How to Make Almost Anything.  Next year we expect the number of students that take this course to increase as well as having many of the students who completed the course this year continue on in our new course offerings within the Fab Lab.  As a result there is a large need for more Fab Lab certified instructors, which is where I come in.  I am very excited about being a part of the 2012 Fab Academy and teaching our school's Fab Lab courses in the future.

When not teaching I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, coaching Track and Field at Mahtomedi High School, and working on our classic cars.

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