By Carlos Rimarachín

Final Project Proposal

Installing Mercurial in Windows

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Electronics Production

Computer-Controlled Machining

Electronics Design

Molding and Casting Composites

Embedded Programming

3D Scanning and Printing

Input Devices

Interface and Application Programming

Output Devices

Mechanical Design

Networking and Communications

Machine Design

Applications and Implications

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Business Models

Project Development

Final Project Presentation



My name is Carlos Rimarachín, I am studying Mechatronic Engineering at U.N.I (University National of Engineering). I have knowledge in design softwares and I like the Robotic. Since I was young I dreamed with design and create my own machine to help people in different activities and now I have the chance to do this with FabLab, besides I want to learn more about how to make a digital control in mechanical machines and do it more efficiently.