John O'Keefe

Week 13 - Output Devices

Hello LED Array Stuffing this board took a little while - 90 solders for the LED's and Resistors. After an inefficient few rows, I set up an assembly line - flowing a dab of solder on every other pad in advance of component placement helped me get into a rhythm and I began moving much faster. Prior to programming, I used solder braid (very quickly so I wouldn't desolder any components) to wick up excess solder/any apparent mistakenly connected traces. I then connected the 4 pin header on the board to a 9v battery, and programmed the board with my FabISP by moving to the folder with the C and makefile in the terminal and running 'sudo make -f hello.array.44.make program-usbtiny'. Board lit right up and ran through the paces of Neil's code.

LED Display Next I will manipulate Neil's code...