John O'Keefe

Week 10 - 3D Printing & Scanning

Kinect/ReconstructMe Scan Process was really simple - We sat in swivel chair and slowly turned 360 degrees while someone stood in one spot angling the Kinect down and scanning. ReconstructMe stitches a 3D scan together which is exported as a .obj file.

Editing (Cutting Down) in NetFabb Very helpful video tutorial on cleaning up meshes by Tony Buser here

G Code - Replicator G to MakerBot If needed, you can tweak g code prior to build - I played with the build platform temp when I was having issues with models springing up from the bed.

Replicator G Control Panel Dude

3D Printed Bust I opted not to decimate/smooth my model too much and risk printing errors in an effort to push/test the MakerBot's precision/overhang limitations.

3D Printed Capital Object taken from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse - my aim is to develop a workflow (similar to Tony Buser's) where I can easily adapt Google's database of objects to .stl's for 3D Printing. This model was a mess but did print after a few tweaks.