John O'Keefe

Week 4 - Computer-Controlled Cutting

Chair Perspective I'm thinking I will use cheap materials - osb, plywood, etc. You may notice a happy accident where the osb is mirrored - I wonder if this would be possible in reality. I'm thinking about cushions as well.

Chair Cut File The joints in the full size chair are 3/4" - a standard sheet thickness. To scale down the prototype, I scaled the joints down from 3/4" to 7/32" (the whole model naturally followed). The holes were offset 1/128" to account for the laser's kerf

Press-fit Scale Model Laser cutting went fairly smooth - I used 8% speed/1500 hz for the first cut, followed by 33%/2000 hz to get it all the way through. I will try focusing the laser much closer next time around to see if that helps.