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And after a delay of a week, finally here is my website. For its development I use SeaMonkey, which I think it's quite basic, and to improve my website, I learn some extra HTML code and also create my first CSS style sheet. Due I didn´t have any idea about web development I search a program to create the CSS archive, I get the "Rapid CSS 2011"; I think it´s a good idea for begineers; because it shows you all the attributes for each selector. With the aid of this program I got to create a style archive which allows my website to change the behavior of the links on it.

Previosly to the development of the website, I decided to understand what was Mercurial, what is it purposal and how it works; by reading some manuals and tutorials about it. Finally, as I am working with W7 OS I install the "Cygwin Terminal", from I managed my files to the remote repository.

If you can see this website, I have achieved to "push" my files without any mistakes. So I spend time learning about Mercurial, I make an easy tutorial where a safety workflow is showed; you can find It on my directory.

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