Fab Academy 2012

Andrew Hogwood - enthusiast designer and inventor based in London

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Weekly Classes

Week 2 - 25th January 2012: Personal website written in HTML5 using HTML-Kit tools & uploaded. Learnings: a)HTML5 chosen as browser agnostic b) base commands quite simple and use of 6 digit codes for colour denoting Red Green Blue mix c) CSS used for position of elements on a page

Week 3 - 1st February 2012: 2D and 3D software experimentation. Learnings: a) Inkscape very simple to start using, problems with clone function after objects had been combined b) mypaint tutorials on youtube show how advanced drawings can get c) sketchup was my preferred 3D program due to the easy user interface

Week 4 - 8th February 2012: snapfit kit. Learnings: a) chamfers make fitting elements together twice as easy b) creating gradated slots sizes allows level of friction and fit to be accurately chosen for selected material (cardboard used here) c) initial linkage shapes were too small and cardboard structurally buckled

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Week 5 - 15th February 2012: In System Programmer assembly. Learnings: a) only light de-burring required to not damage track b) very small amounts of solder required - too much on a joint was much harder to remove c) working centre outwards with components made access to soldering much easier

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Final Project

Week 2: Final project initial concept = Personal Health Monitor. Objective is to design and build an item which is a) convenient to use & wear b) fashionable/stylish and c) functional. It would use sensors to record and alert user to factors such heart rate, body composition (hydration/lipids) and potentially glucose (no non-invasive methods exists as of today)

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