Week 2

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I'm taking advantage of one of the scholarship students fabcity Barcelona project. For this week I've tried to do a small animation on my district of the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona is divided in 10 districts. The district of les Corts is located in the north-east of Barcelona and consists of three areas or clearly different zones or neighborhoods. In the following link you can see a map of the district. Les Corts district

  • Perdalbes: Multi-family housing area. Possibly one of the richest areas of Barcelona. Large urban spaces and luxurious housings are one of its main features.
  • Les Corts: The historic core of the district. One of the areas with a stronger identity character. The urban grid is more dense and streets encourage neighborhood life.
  • Maternitat: It is an area with miscellany of housings and sports equipments. There is the stadium of the team of soccer of the city and other sports complex much known by the people of Barcelona