1 / Molding a letter on wax with Modella :

For this assignement, I made a mold for some letters. I experimented some issues with the png files I made for the Modella. For some reason, the files looked very clean but the traces made by the modella were rough. The weirdest thing was that the Modella made several passes and the last pass produced the rough lines on the surface of the wax.

Once the mold was done, I casted it with blue silicone. After that I made a letter with liquid plastic from the silicon mold. All those materials dry very fast (between 15 to 30 min).

2 / Molding and Casting a statue from a 3D printed object :

Later, I also made a mold from the 3d printed sample of my face. It doesn't require a lot of skills and you only need a few material : 1 glue gun, 1 cutter, 1 piece of flat wood, 1 plastic box you can cut (from the trash) and the object you want to copy. Here I've used a 3D print auto-portrait. You also need a spray to avoid any oversticking issue between the object and the mold. I forgot to use it, and it made the demolding a little more complicated. I didn't want to use more than 1 bottle of resine and I kinf of ran out of resine. But it's ok, with a little bit of tinkering, I ended with a working mold. You can the details of the 3D print on the mold on the pictures below.