1 / Pallets_modeling_with_C4D :

In 2009, I drew an architecture project made of wood pallets. I used Cinema 4D to build and render this designs. I would like to 3D print small pallets to build a model of this project, but it would take days and would block the access to the 3D printer for too long. Though, I designed a press-fit fragmented pallet model to make a clean 3D print of it on the Thing'O'Matic. I should probably refine my design and print it bigger. I kept the holes closed to make a kind of press-kit but the printing failed.

krack krack krack palettes group krack palettes single krack palettes single eclatee krack palettes single eclatee en vrai

2 / Modeling_with_Sculptris :

I played with Sculptris to make a head of someone diving into the water. It looks like a marble sculpted portrait from the Renacimiento. Sculptris is very easy to use, very efficient to work on anthropomorfic objects. I didn't try to print this face because it's to complexe for the Makerbot we have.

2 / Tinkering_with_OpenScad :

OpenScad is very sober and based on a script. I tinkered with it a few minutes, changing some values in the code, compiling, rendering, etc.