1 / Mechanical Design. Components soldering :

Well, we decided to build an augmented version of the Ultimaker. It's going to be higher than the original one and will hopefully print as precisely as the commercial Ultimaker. I think we were all kind of disappointed by the Thing'O'Matic because it's been crashing all the time and wasn't printing so well. Maybe the Ultimaker represents some kind of "hope", for me at least.

I involved myself in this machine's design as much as I could but I must admit that my skills are pretty limited. You can access our lab's WIKI page to see the details of the Ultimaker building planification.

I have been working on putting the shafts for the motors as well as the troleys, I have screwed wood parts of the platform and the case together. We have been experimenting some issues with the steel bars, because they were to tight in the shafts, when the warmth came, it became a little bit more loose.

Also, some of the laser-cut parts had to be made again because they were to fragile.