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1.final project proposal (Jan 18)

2.project management (Jan 25)

3.computer-aided design (Feb 1)

4.computer-controlled cutting (Feb 8)

5.electronics production (Feb 15)

6.computer-controlled machining (Feb 22)

7.electronics design (Feb 29)

8 molding, casting, and composites (Mar 7)

9.embedded programming (Mar 14)

10.3D scanning and printing (Mar 21)

11.input devices (Mar 28)

12.interface and application programming (Apr 4)

13.output devices (Apr 11)

14.mechanical design (Apr 18)

15.networking and communications (Apr 25)

16.machine design (May 2)

17.applications and implications (May 9)

18.project development (May 16)

19.invention, intellectual property, and business models (May 23)

20.final project presentations (May 30)


The artist robot arm

why don't we have a robot arm which can paint?

We can make drawings,paintings,and sketches from tablets in to the computer but here on my project I want to paint from the computer/machine to canvas or papers. As you can see on the picture on my wall the guy is using his arm to paint so, my whole target is to replace this in machine arm. My first target in the first phase is to program the machine to paint the Ethiopian national flag then after some observations of programming and other courses I will preceed to the next advanced level. Robots across the glob are designed for different purposes some of them include:- for heavy repetitive manufacturing work,to handle difficult,dangerous,or boring tasks for humans.Types of robots include:-swarm robots,industrial robots,military robots,mobile and servicing robots.My robot arm will have different purpose which is to paint so, let us have a machine arm which can replace artist's arm.The machine will be consisting of three parts:the base,the arm,and the hand.These three parts have their own function and will be joined by a joint system, brush and paints are also part of the machine.

Painting painting2
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