Fab Academy program offers partial scholarships to cover Fab Academy tuition fees for students with economical difficulties.


How it works?

Only local labs can determine whether they are able to offer scholarships. Some labs also need a minimum of students paying full fees, to be able to offer economical support to other students.
For this reason, before requesting a scholarship you must select a node first and apply to the Fab Academy program.



1-Select the node (Fab Lab) in which you will take the course. List of available nodes here (available soon).
You can get in touch with the Labs you are interested in taking the course and inquire about their scholarship program. This will help you make a decision.

2-Once you have selected the node in which you will take the course, apply to Fab Academy by filling the application form.

3- Once you have covered the previous steps, you can officially request for a Scholarship by filling this form. You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • Your Portfolio

You must send this email to the Fab Lab you selected with CC (copy) to



In general, scholarships are offered in exchange for a certain amount of hours of collaboration in the Fab Lab granting the scholarship.


Scholarship conditions


  • Students with scholarships must have full dedication to the program
  • Students with scholarships must attend to 80% of classes and all Regional Reviews
  • Students with scholarships must finish the course in the 1st Evaluation Round (July 2017)
  • Students with scholarships must comply with all payment deadlines
  • Students with scholarships cannot defer their grant for following years
  • If students discontinue the course, the scholarship will be terminated


Students may have their scholarship terminated upon failure to meet performance requirements as outlined above.

In addition, Central Coordination will require payment of full fees (5000€/USD).


If you have any further questions please refer to: