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Fab Academy Tuition fees


The Fab Academy tuition fee is comprised by Central Costs and Local Costs.

Central Costs are fixed:  2500$ for Fab Labs located in America, Asia, Africa and Oceania and 2500€ for Fab Labs located in Europe >> these prices may experience variation, please contact Coordination
Local Cost may be variable. It was calculated at 2500$, roughly 1250$ for the Instructor and 1250$ for infrastructural costs. But, local labs can calculate those costs according to local economies.

The suggested price for the course is 5000 USD/€ (2500 local + 2500 central)


According to their local cost calculations, some Nodes (Fab Labs) may charge more than 5000$/€ or less. Please inform yourself about the specific fees your selected Node will charge. 


See prices here.


Exchange rate

Fab Labs in Europe might rate tuition fees in Euros (5000€), please check with your local lab before submitting.

All payments must be done via FLYWIRE, a secure payment platform we use to collect fees.


Included in the tuition fees:

  • All the basic course materials.
  • 16 hours a week of hands-on Fab Lab access and personal instruction
  • 1 free assessment and evaluation within the cycle the student enrolled, in any of the rounds available: July or November
  • 1 diploma + shipment
  • 1 certificate of completion
  • Personal space in Fab Academy Archive with lifetime access and maintenance
  • Live access to the Fab Academy Video Conferencing system (MCU) and faculty
  • Access to all recorded lectures and reviews
  • Access to the Lab equipment and facilities for the purpose of the course (in schedule determined by labs)
  • Free access to the Annual FAB Conference and Diploma Award Ceremony in the year in which the student graduated
  • Free software licenses for selected Autodesk and Solidworks software packages during the course
  • Lifetime membership to the Fab Academy Alumni group

IMPORTANT: After this, extra copies, and access to instruction and evaluation will have extra costs.

Examination Fees: 250USD
Copy of diploma: 100 USD + shipment resend certificates
Copy of certificate: 50 USD + Shipment

Check Continuing students section here.



Payment Policies


In every case the selected candidates must pay 2.000USD (or €) to confirm participation, maximum 2 weeks after their acceptance.
The remaining part of the tuition fees (e.g 3.000 USD/€) might be paid in either one or two installments, 50% (e.g 1.500 USD/€), before 15th of January 2018 and 50% (e.g 1.500 USD/€) before 15th March 2018.


The 2000 USD or € confirmation fee is non-refundable. The rest of tuition fees may be refunded if the student notifies his/her withdrawal before the start of the course. Fab Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Diploma course due to low number of enrolled students in each lab. In case of cancellation of the Diploma course in specific locations, the full tuition will be refunded without any type of additional compensations. In case of postponement the tuition fee will be refunded to students that applied for it.

The students with unresolved payments to Fab Academy administration or to the local Fab Lab (tuition or material fees) or pending of returning materials belonging to specific Fab Lab (access cards, library books, software licenses or other) will not receive the final Diploma or any official certificate.

See Full document here.



Payment Data


All payments must be done via FLYWIRE, a secure payment platform we use to collect fees.


Payment instructions will be sent to students in their acceptance letter.