Next Fab Academy cycle >> Applications will be open in September 1ยบ, 2017.


1. Apply for the Fab Academy Diploma by filling the online form: available soon!
2. After you fill this form, the lab/node you selected will review your profile and inform us about the results of the selection.
3. If the lab/node approves your application, we (Central Coordination) will send you an Acceptance Letter with payment instructions.
4. Before the program starts in mid-January, you must secure 70% of the Fab Academy fees in one or 2 payments.


If you are a new participating lab in the Fab Academy, contact the Fab Academy Coordination at:

If you have any questions or cannot find a participating lab near you, please contact the Fab Academy Coordination staff:

If you have any questions related to admissions to the Fab Academy, please contact the admissions office at: