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Mohit Ahuja's Fabacademy 2021

Project Management

In this assignment, we were supposed to create a custom website to showcase our work. Now I had a little bit of experience in html programming from my school days, but it wasn't too intensive. And it was a long time ago. So I had to brush up on my HTML skills. Apart from that, I already had some experience making my own webpage using Github pages so the process used to create the website using Gitlab was actually quite similar. Here is how everything went down.

First of all, I used the mail sent by FabAcademy Coordination to access my GitLab Account.

Then I installed Brackets, which is an open-source webpage editing software created and maintained by Adobe.

The next order of business was to download the GitLab Repository locally so that I could edit the files in the computer locally and then upload the files to the repo using Git. I actually had Git bash already installed in my PC because of a project i did in the past, but if you want to install Git Bash, it is actually pretty straightforward. Just go the download page and click on the link for software according to your OS. I followed the download instructions given by the installation software.

Now, I opened Git Bash in my computer:

And I typed the following command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "mohit.aj08@gmail.com" -b 4096

This command is used to generate an SSH key, which is a random sequence of letters and numbers which is shared between two devices to exchange data, which in this case, was being used by the Gitlab Server to send and receive data to and from my computer.

I've hidden the generated key in this picture.

Now, to copy the key, we use the following command:

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | clip

After this command, I went to the GitLab Repository page in my browser, clicked on my profile picture, and selected the "Edit Profile" option, as shown below:

In this part, on the left side we have the option called SSH Keys, so I clicked on it.

After that, I pasted the key that I had generated in the previous step in the box highlighted below:

After that, I clicked on the "Add Key" button.

After this, I went back to the Git bash Terminal window and ran the following command:

ssh -T git@gitlab.fabcloud.org

This piece of code produces the following output:

After this, I moved to the Documents folder by using the command:

cd Documents

Then, I proceeded to copy the repository to the Downloads folder by using the command:

git clone https://gitlab.fabcloud.org/academany/fabacademy/2021/labs/vigyanashram/students/mohit-ahuja.git

I moved to the newly created mohit-ahuja folder by using the command:

cd mohit-ahuja

After this step, I proceeded to add the username and email for authentication by using the following commands:

git config user.name "Mohit Ahuja"

git config user.email "mohit.aj08@gmail.com"

Then I deleted the existing files in the Markdown format by just going to the mohit-ahuja folder, selecting the files and deleting them. After this, I ran the following commands:

git add --all

git commit -m "deleted Markdown Files"

git push