Project Development

Planning my final project


Learning outcomes

Have you answered these questions?

Tasks that have been completed

To this point I have completed the following tasks:

What has worked, what hasn’t ?

So far, ensuring that I do my best to make each weekly assignment a task that works toward my final project has worked very very well.

What has not worked so well has been designing my final circuit board all in one go. it would have been better do create development boards as I went using the chips I intended to use in the end.

What questions need to be resolved ?

At this point the largest question is whether I will have sufficient time to make adjustments or second versions of the prototype should the first version fail too spectacularly

What will happen when ?

Below is a table that indicates the plan for the remaining week.

Day Tasks
Thursday Finish soldering and programming my board and document
Friday Prepare for final integration and testing of TEGs and document
Saturday Complete the first prototype and test in lab environment and document
Sunday Test the first prototype in real environment and finalize draft video
Monday Finalize the video and make adjustments/ new spirals
Tuesday Finalize documentation and prepare for presentation
Wednesday Present your final project

What have you learned ?

I have learned an incredible amount of skills beyond just the hard skills of each week but also skills in time management and documenting as I go. This has been revolutionary for me.