this is week 2 page.

3D Scanning and Printing

Group assignment
Individual assignment:

In this assignments we will be testing the 3D printer , and design something that only can be printed by 3D and can’t be done with other subtractive tool. Testing the Ultimaker02

ultimaker2 Image
Test the machine and Design rules

the first task is to test the machine to make sure that it is working properly, and we did that in the group assignment

Build plate

before printing we need to adjust the build plate to make sure that its aligned correctly

Design Rules

for testing the print on the machine i found this shape in thingivers that have all the Design Rolls in one design

all-in-one design rule
margin cut
Design new things

this is for one of my student i designed for him his project its a tool that will be used in oil and gas field , this shape will be a prototype for there project.

i used free cad to design the project for him

margin cut margin cut margin cut
and here is the result
Download the design from here

i also printed the design that i made in Computer Aided Design

margin cut

why it could not be easily made subtractively?

this design have some details from inside which only can be made by additive fabrication and also the joint have downcut and empty space from the middle which make it also not possible with subtractive fabrication

3D Scan

I started the task by choosing the object that i want to scan, i looked around in the lab and found this, its a tool that used to picture the sun.

ultimaker2 Image
Finding the 3D scan software

Now i need to prepare the software that i am going to use for the 3D scans, and i was looking for something that have tutorial, i thought this will ease up the task for me because i am totally new to this topic, and i found this tutorial about 3d scan with Mashroom meet-mashroom

Download Mashroom from here

Mashroom is free and open source photogrammetric software, From the link above download mashroom and choose the version that is relevant to your OS


Taking picture for photogrammetry

after prepare the software now I have to take picture’s of my object in order to work with the software, I tried to take picture as many as I can, I took 122 picture around the object from every angle.

taking picture

Drag and drop pictures to Mashroom

Now open ashroom and drag the picture and drop it into mashroom window

taking picture

the Result was not good with this software i didnt get it is it the picture or the software really , so my teacher sujested to me to use the Matter and Form 3d scanner

download the software

go to the website of Matter and Form and click download to download the software taking picture

install the software and run the machine

after that i installed it on my computer taking picture

calibrate the machine

before starting any scan you need to calibrate the machine for better result, so to do that youneed to click calibrate from the top bar

calibrate 3d scan calibrate 3d scan calibrate 3d scan calibrate 3d scan

Start scan

after the calibration finish now you can start the scan , adjust the setting for the scan , then click start scan depends on the setting it will affect the time and the quality of your scan

calibrate 3d scan calibrate 3d scan

First scan Result

the first scan result was bad, becouse the place were the scanner was there is a sun light , sun light will affect on the quality of the scan , so i changed the place of the scanner and put it in a place with a balanced lightning

calibrate 3d scan

Second scan Result

so the secound scn was not satisfieing enogh so i solved the light problem but still its not good result , if you notice the scan is kind off good at the bottom and bad on the top , so i encreased the angle of the scan , and incresed the geometry setting and modified the texture setting

calibrate 3d scan

Third scan Result

it took more time than the previues scan , but the result is better calibrate 3d scan

Final scan

here is the scan from deferent angles

Mesh the desingn

after finishing the scan its time to do the mesh for it , change the tap to mesh and click mesh

mesh 3d scan