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Characterize the design rules for your PCB production process


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Characterize the design rules for your PCB production process

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So PCB, OK that is new for me, usually I use breadboards and ready arduino to build my projects, but this time....PCB this looks hard in the first time, especially soldering the small parts..... lets try it: first of all, we are using Carvy milling machine, this is the first time for my yo use it for PCB, from what I read on the website and the electric parts that the lab bringed to us, we will use 2 bits for making the PCB; first one is milling head with 1/64inch size, and the other one if for cutting with 1/32inch size. one more info: the PCB depth is 1.2mm so we are cutting in respect with that depth. extra..... from previous experience; cut with steps, don't cut all the depth in one move... you may break the cutting head.

PCB in place

laser adjustment laser adjustment laser adjustment laser adjustment laser adjustment laser adjustment laser adjustment



Put the PCB in place and hold it in position using the screwsin the sides ( blue color).



The machine in the lab has an additional layer between the wood base and anything we cut (black color), so we don't cut in the wood base.....and the black layer is stabled with 2 green screws in the sides:


How about the bits, what sizes you are using.....will the machine is setted up with 1/64inch bit for milling, and if you want to change it for cutting, then all you need is a 2 holding tools and some force in moving the head to unite the bit and insert the new one, then tighten it agian










Here are the 2 bits that I am using, 1/64 in for milling and 1/32 inch for cutting








How to make sure that the surface that you are working on is stable, other that the 2 screws from the machine, will, I am using a double side time for that

















let the machine cut


one min ..... how did you control the machine? weeelp, we are using Easel software (online) to do that, through an account in Inventables, go check it on this link: Easel


Easel Home Page


simple and easy interface....just look at that smaily face!

Easel Home Page


Thank you for the ISP model, that was a fast spet to do, lets import it:


Easel Home Page


Easel Home Page


Easel Home Page

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