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for the group assignment of this week we will work on laser cutter machine, the one we have here in the lap is Epilog laser mini 40 wat 24X12


so in this group assignment we got introduced how to use the machine to cut the design that we made using inkscape, there is some steps you have to do it from the pdf on the computer and the other is on the machine it self, so lets start with the one in the computer

computer steps

images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/print.jpg .

1- Raster : this option is for engraving only 2- Vector : this option is for cutting vector lines only 3- Combined : this option will do both cutting and engraving in the same time, it will start by engraving then it will cut victors. 4- is the dimension of the sheet you are using 5- this option is for auto focus 6- is the material setting this setting we will load it from the advance tap i will explain it next

images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/setting01.jpg .

images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/setting01.png .

but if this is your first time using the machine and you want the recommended setting for the materials you can download the PDF from Here

images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/setting01.png .

now you are done here lets go to the machine and prepare the machine to cut the desing

Machine steps

images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/pointer.png images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/move.png images/group2021/computer-controlled-cutting2021/set-home.png

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