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Group  Assignment

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Group Assignments

in this group assignment we are asked to use the multimeter or voltmeter or oscilloscope to check and test our boards.

Teste Connectivity

one of the main test to do to your boards after soldering it is to test the connectivity of the traces , to make sure that there is no cut in the traces and the signal is reaching were it supposed to reach.

  • to do that you need a multimeter, and switch the knob to connectivity test as you see in the video below
  • test the buzzer by touching the tow pins together , if you hear a tune its mean its working and you are good to go and make testing
  • test the connectivity of the board , make sure all GND reach to all the board , make sure power reach , test pins from micro controller to ISP pins and so on

Teste the Power

Next is to test the power input to the board , to make sure that your powered is powered up correctly and measure how much voltage it reach to the board

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